Building Wraps & Mesh

Artsign offers a one stop professional service including survey, design, production and installation of Building Wraps & Mesh Banners. We are well established when it comes to eye-catching large format graphics, building wraps & mesh, digitally printed mesh banners, scaffolding covers and banners and printed backdrops in any colour, shape and at any size. This type of graphic depending on the size and location, can be seen for miles. Building wraps & mesh are not only used for advertising, they can be used to obscure building sites, buildings under going work, sometimes including a sneak preview of what will be revealed Some building wraps & mesh are even used while refurbishment of an older building is being undertaken, to make it a more pleasurable image, displaying how it is going to look graphically.

Providing specialist installation services such as abseiling teams or cherry pickers for our customers throughout the UK. Building wraps & mesh banners are used for very large applications, where safe installation and wind loadings are a primary consideration. Small perforations in mesh banners allow ‘airflow’ through the banner, which reduces the load placed on the structure or building and on the banner itself and stops it acting as a sail. Also used in public places where a banner torn down or flapping by high winds pose a danger to the general public. Welding joins, reinforced stitched hems with metal eyelets make a suitably robust construction.